QESH Management Policy

SSP Inc. enacts and executes QESH management policy.


Quality, Environment Safety & Health

SSP enacts and executes QESH management policy as follows to accomplish customer satisfaction through stable supply of best quality equipment, pursue eco-friendly management, prevent accident and improve health and quality of life of employees.

  • 01 SSP provides quick and accurate service, delivers and shares clear information to improve product and service quality satisfaction and realize customer priority.
  • 02 SSP accomplishes superior quality & technology by accomplishing flawless design and product quality, improving internal process, stabilizing quality of associated companies, and accelerating development of new technologies and products.
  • 03 SSP follows basic principles of quality management system and habituates improvement activities to execute stabilization of quality system continuously.
  • 01 SSP is aware of environment influence from our activity, product, and service and continuously pursues for improvement activities.
  • 02 SSP complies with domestic and international environmental regulation, agreement and ordinance.
  • 03 SSP sets “Reduction of Waste Discharge” as the priority goal to protect the environment.
  • 04 SSP carries out adequate education and training to make all employee understand environment policy.
Safety & Health
  • 01 SSP identifies and prevents all risk factors in advance to improve on safety and health performance.
  • 02 All members including associated companies follow all safety and health regulations and basic activities of safety regulations to settle safety culture.
  • 03 SSP takes part of CSR by following domestic and international regulations related with safety and health and by complying with customer requests.
  • 04 SSP has continuous improvement activity through regular based review.