Education System

We foster talents with expertise and creativity.


SSP's Educational Goal

Basic Direction
  • Strengthening management and leadership education for enhancing manager’s management attitude and organization’s competitiveness
  • Encouraging employees for positive organizational culture and maximizing our synergy
  • Strengthening technical certificate system and advanced job training for cultivating technical expert
  • Self-directed online/offline education for strengthening worker’s competence
Core Items
  • Education for strengthening competence of manager and middle manager
  • Education for revitalizing organization
  • Job training/leadership education
  • Online education
  • Education for equipment and technical competence
Operation Program
  • Education for knowledge on specialized institute
  • Education for tasks on specialized institute
  • Job training on ISO system, quality management, semiconductor process, and equipment technology
  • Compulsory education
  • Task / knowledge education
Educational Goal Accomplishment
  • 01 Cultivate men of ability for new decade stretching before us
  • 02 Promoting worker’s sense of unity and pride
  • 03 Continuous growth and development of worker and company