Welfare Benefits

SSP Inc. provides the best welfare.

SSP Inc. provides Diverse Welfare Benefit Systems.

  • Annual salary system
  • Performance bonus
  • fund for high school / university tuition
  • Support on family's medical expense
  • Support on family event and vacation
  • Group insurance
  • Support on club activity expense
  • Support on residence
  • Gift for holiday and anniversary
  • Support on meal
  • Loan for stable living
  • Support on oil expense
  • Support on worker's and family's comprehensive health check-up
  • Housing loan
  • Gift on birthday of worker and worker's family
  • Event on worker's birthday
  • Reward for long service
  • Support on nursing fee
  • Reward proposal
  • Resort condominium
  • Retirement pension
  • Worker's insurance
  • Labor welfare fund operation
  • Mutual aid society
  • Outing / Get-Together